Session with Dr. Giggy

Martin Fournier the BlueFire Poker Coach.

Last week I did a session with him where we talked about Tilt and Motivation. It’s a really interesting session, that occasionally throws in some golf talk, because he’s a budding golfer – playing to a 2 handicap.

You can listen/download the audio from his blog here.

The back story around how I end up doing a session with Martin, is a great example of how small and connected the poker world can be sometimes. I had heard a lot of great things about Martin, as a player/coach, from poker journalist/writer Lee Davy. Last year I did a series of sessions with Lee and he turned them into articles for Bluff Europe. (You can check them out here.) At that time, Lee was a weak player, prone to tilt, overconfidence, and bad BRM. After getting help from me with his mental game, and Martin and another BlueFire coach, Alan Jackson, he’s now a become pretty solid.

Lee has also become a great poker writer, definitely check out his blog. He has a way with words that’s hard to explain. He grabs your attention and takes you for a ride.

So, when I saw Martin’s name pop onto the order list for the book, I knew him immediately, and took it as a good opportunity to say hi, let him know the good things I had heard from Lee, and that I was looking forward to his feedback. A couple days later, the owner of popular French website,, contacted me about getting a review copy of the book. I agreed of course, and suggested a few options for some follow-up promotion, including a session with one of their members or pros. Of course he suggests Martin.

If you don’t speak French, the magic of google translate will let you get the gist (definitely not perfect) of their review of the book. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t figured out how to translate Martin’s video blog yet.

You can read their review and listen to the session by clicking here.

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