Session Four: The Pattern, The Flaws and The Improvement

Appeared in Bluff Europe, February 2011

By, Lee Davy

I have always had an incredible talent for running up large sums of debt. I am the debt heavyweight champion of the world. I reckon if I had ended up working on Wall Street, Nick Leeson wouldn’t have been fit to iron my Armani shirt. A few years ago I read a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad by the author and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki. He taught me that there are two types of debt – good debt and bad debt. Up to my eyeballs in financial ruin I decided to invest quite a considerable amount of money on some training for myself. I piled some good debt on top of the bad debt. I did this despite everyone around me thinking I was bonkers. Nobody had the foresight to see that the training costs – or more debt – were good debt. It was good debt because the education I was about to purchase was going to help me eliminate my bad debt.

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