Going Mental: Part 1

World Poker Tour Magazine, Issue 86 [Click to read PDF]
By, Daniel Smyth

After laying down my virtual quill for a month and taking a much needed break from the tables, I’ve bounded back into the fray with a freshly stocked arsenal of Jedi mind tricks to gain an edge at the tables.

For the past four weeks I’ve been holed up like a Buddhist Monk, indulging in a bout of poker celibacy and taking a magical mystery tour through the highways of my mind. Since my last entry I’ve been addressing one of the most under-appreciated aspects of poker: the mental game. Each of us, no matter what level we are, need some help when it comes to the psychological aspects of poker. For some that may mean addressing the way you structure your learning of the game, for others it may be a need to improve their
concentration. For many, however, the biggest psychological demon that impinges on our game is tilt. (Read PDF)

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