Frequently Asked Questions

[DDET How does the program work?]The program begins with you filling out a detailed questionnaire (click to download).  The questionnaire is a great tool and many players comment that just filling it out helps.  I’ll review your information ahead of time and formulate a rough plan so in our first session we can hit the ground running.

In our first session, I’ll start off by asking a number of follow-up questions to make sure that I understand the issues correctly and then we’ll start working on the solution.  Since often having the right information is enough to make solid improvement, the solution means having some basic theory along with the practical steps-by-step.

The sessions to follow are scheduled according to the package you selected; although the general purpose is the same: do what’s necessary to achieve your goals.  If you’d like to know a common schedule for either program or if you’d like to know more about the specifics of what these sessions are like feel free to send me an email. You can also check out, a series of articles written by Barry Carter, a writer for UK Pokernews, he wrote documenting his experience working with me.  You can find them at the bottom of this page.


[DDET What if I don’t want to do the questionnaire?]
I’ll first ask why.  If what you say makes sense I’m happy to figure out a way to accommodate.

The questionnaire is designed to make our time more efficient. Since all of what I do is based on the information you give me, the quality of that information is of great importance. I found that when asking players all these questions in a session they tended to be unknowingly biased towards recent events and often leave out important pieces of the issue. The questionnaire is a great way to avoid that, but it isn’t the only way.


[DDET What’s the difference between working with you directly and just reading your books?]With private coaching you’re hiring me to personalize a plan designed to meet your goals. Since progress has ups & downs, I take a lot of the guess work out on your end so you can focus on implementing the plan rather than figuring it out on your own. Plus since I’m continually working to improve my skill and knowledge, you get the best of what I know. If you can afford it, it’s the simplest way to improve and many clients can attest to the high value I provide.

My books provide a lot of the same basic material that I use in my coaching sessions, and have helped thousands of players. There’s a ton of good information in them, and just require more work on your own.


[DDET What can we really talk about for an hour? Do you just tell me what I should do?]

You’d be surprised how much we can talk about in an hour, especially since solving mental game issues requires that we look at many sides of the problem and the solution. My job isn’t to tell you what to do, my first job is to understand your issues well enough to know how I can help. That means I’m asking a lot of questions, and getting you to think in ways that you normally wouldn’t about the mental game. A lot of times clients are able to figure out their own solutions once the situation is viewed in another way. Other times I’m filling in what they missed, and sometimes I’m telling them specifically what to do.


[DDET What methods of payment do you accept?]Major credit cards through Paypal, and Crypto. A Paypal account is not required, just a credit card.


[DDET Where do the sessions take place?]Sessions are generally held over the phone or Skype. In person sessions are an option if you happen to live in my area, if I happen travel to yours or if you want to me to travel.


[DDET So do you watch me play?]Generally no. I don’t need to see you in action to be effective, though if this is something that you want, I’m happy to discuss it with you.[/DDET]

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