I’ve spent over 8 years and thousands of hours developing a program that is designed to eliminate the problems preventing you from playing your best poker and to train you to consistently play at your peak.

All players deal with tilt, anxiety, focus, motivation, and handling variance to some degree. I’ve worked hard to make complex matters of the mind simple, by using science, novel theories, logic and a surprising degree of practical solutions. There is clear rationale to everything we do, and the dramatic results many clients have are a direct result of focusing on what matters most.
Constant improvement requires commitment and an open mind. You’ll learn a lot about how the mind functions, the role of emotion, and how to learn efficiently.

Here are a few areas I work on most often with players:

  • Tilt (Running bad, bad beats, injustice, entitlement, mistakes, etc)
  • Anxiety (performance, fear of failure/success, higher limits, etc.)
  • Focus
  • Confidence
  • Motivation & Procrastination
  • Dealing with variance/downswings
  • Playing ‘A’ game and ‘the Zone’ consistently
  • Increasing session length and/or number of tables
  • Efficient learning of poker
  • Poker & Life Balance
  • Discipline and Control

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