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10 Push-ups

Tweet Last month I decided to start doing 10 push-ups everyday, for 30 straight days, as a way of getting back into shape. 10 was easily doable, I wasn’t that out of shape, and I figured that just the act of doing them would get me back into a routine of exercising consistently. To my […]

Make Constant Improvement

Tweet If you’re not improving, you’re falling behind. If you’re falling behind, winrate/ROI drops, variance increases, and you risk becoming just another player complaining about bad variance who really should be complaining about the state of their game. I know you’re committed to improving, I wonder just how committed you are to doing it. Is […]

NY Giant Doubt

Tweet I’m a NY Giants fan. In the run up to the NFC Championship game, I’ve been paying closer attention to what the players and coaches have been saying in the media. Gives me a chance to get a glimpse into how they’re doing mentally, and then connect my estimate to how I see them […]

Book Excerpt: Inchworm

Tweet Despite its odd name, Inchworm is fast becoming one of the most popular sections in the book. Recently, Lex “RaZsi” Veldhuis, PokerStars Team Pro, mentioned in this interview, referring to him coaching Negreanu, “Sticking to those good fundamentals also keeps him stay away from his weak side, like when he calls too light, it […]

Give it 102%

Tweet The old adage, “give it a 110%,” is wrong. Pushing yourself that much isn’t possible at one time because research has proven you can only give it 102%. This NY Times article highlights the research that used deception to fool cyclists and get them to ride 2% faster than they were previously capable of […]

Session with Dr. Giggy

Tweet Martin Fournier the BlueFire Poker Coach. Last week I did a session with him where we talked about Tilt and Motivation. It’s a really interesting session, that occasionally throws in some golf talk, because he’s a budding golfer – playing to a 2 handicap. You can listen/download the audio from his blog here. Tweet

Handling Bad Beats

Tweet Some players can handle bad beats better than others. Some are highly skilled complainers and tell stories constantly, even though they know full well that no one else gives a shit. George is one of those people…until today. I held a contest on the Blonde Poker forum a few weeks ago, giving the poster […]


Tweet What does Magic The Gathering (MTG) have in common with Poker? Fear. For Kar Yung Tom, an expert MTG player, and owner of one of the top online resources for MTG in the world, fear ultimately affects his performance. Specifically, it happens against named players, or players he knows are better than him. Sounds […]

Tracking Your Progress

Tweet Tracking your progress is the seventh and last part in my goal setting series(Congratulations, you’re almost there!) This step doesn’t take long to do, but it’s really helpful when you’ve set long-term goals and to help you to prevent falling back into old habits. Only after you’ve accomplished your goal will you know precisely […]

Get Inspired

Tweet What get’s your blood pumping? Fires you up? Inspires you? Being inspired is often the fuel that leads some people and players to achieve things greater than they could have imagined. As it relates to achieving your goals or your resolutions, inspiration is critical to keeping you on track when you hit some bumps […]

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