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“Hurts to be a Champion”

Tweet I heard a great quote on Sportcenter this morning from Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat) about his mindset during the last few minutes of last night NBA Finals game, which the heat won in the final minutes. Stewart Scott asked, “2:18 to go, coming out of a deadball, you, Lebron, and Chris had a conversation. […]

Tracking Your Progress

Tweet Tracking your progress is the seventh and last part in my goal setting series(Congratulations, you’re almost there!) This step doesn’t take long to do, but it’s really helpful when you’ve set long-term goals and to help you to prevent falling back into old habits. Only after you’ve accomplished your goal will you know precisely […]

Get Inspired

Tweet What get’s your blood pumping? Fires you up? Inspires you? Being inspired is often the fuel that leads some people and players to achieve things greater than they could have imagined. As it relates to achieving your goals or your resolutions, inspiration is critical to keeping you on track when you hit some bumps […]


Tweet Resiliency– is all about finding a way through the things that stand in your way. Finding a way to get back up after getting knocked on your ass. Taking a step forward after taking 5 steps back. It’s not possible to achieve something great without some challenge getting in the way. In the last […]

What Can Stop You

Tweet For many of you this is the most important step (by far) in making your resolutions stick. You’ve set goals, maybe even made a plan, but too often that plan doesn’t account for the predictable things that are going to get in your way. When setting out your goals or resolutions, the likelihood that […]

How to Get It

Tweet In the first two posts of the series on Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick, I talked about what and why. Now we are going to talk about how: the specific actions you are going to take to achieve your goals and resolutions you’ve set this year. Get Down to Details To have any chance […]

Know Why You Want It

Tweet Last time I talked about the obvious first step to achieving goals, deciding what you want, and mentioned a few things about that decision that isn’t as obvious. The next step is defining why you want it what you want. Most players focus the majority of their time on the “what” and leave the […]

Decide What You Want

Tweet Deciding what you want is the first step in my series: Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick. While this step is simple and pretty obvious, it’s easy to miss why it’s so important: having a clearly defined Resolution or goals narrows your focus on just it. By now, many of you may have already set […]

New Years Resolutions Now

Tweet I decided earlier this week that in January I’m going to do a series of blog/articles on how to keep new years resolutions. I’d never personally been into making resolutions because I didn’t make sense to wait for the new year to improve something, but I’ve begun to appreciate the idea more. This morning […]

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