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Learn to Multi-table

Tweet People who suggest that mass-multitablers are playing a ‘mindless’ form of poker, don’t really understand the skill behind it. The truth is that successful multi-tablers, like my good friend and Pokerstrategy coach, Dusty “Leatherass9” Schmidt, have automated an incredibly complex decision-making process. That makes Dusty, and others, look like they’re playing mindlessly, when in […]

10 Push-ups

Tweet Last month I decided to start doing 10 push-ups everyday, for 30 straight days, as a way of getting back into shape. 10 was easily doable, I wasn’t that out of shape, and I figured that just the act of doing them would get me back into a routine of exercising consistently. To my […]

Recap: Mental Game Stories

Tweet Last month, I posted nine stories written by TMGP readers on my blog. They shared struggles, strategies, and lessons that have ultimately helped them to make solid improvements in their mental game. Each story is unique and has the potential to help you improve your mental game. To make it easy to read all […]

Mental Game Story #9

Tweet A reader of the book was inspired to write a story of his own after reading the other stories on my blog this past week. He’s titled it: Poker and perfectionism: Getting it right without losing your mind. I used to put a lot of pressure on myself in making the correct decision. Invariably […]

Keep Goals To Yourself

Tweet Research proves that keeping your goals to yourself, increases the likelihood that you’ll achieve those goals. Sounds crazy, but as this video shows, research explains what makes this phenomenon happen. The emotion that you experience sharing your goals, creates an illusion that you’re farther along the path to achieving those goals. Consequently, you relax. […]

Give it 102%

Tweet The old adage, “give it a 110%,” is wrong. Pushing yourself that much isn’t possible at one time because research has proven you can only give it 102%. This NY Times article highlights the research that used deception to fool cyclists and get them to ride 2% faster than they were previously capable of […]

The Placebo Effect

Tweet Found this interesting video last week. It’s short, but really interesting. One thing to keep in mind about the placebo effect, is that focus can be a placebo. Just having greater focus can make you improve mental game issues, like tilt. If you’re focused on tilting less, some of you will tilt less, just […]

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