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You Need Rest

Tweet World Poker Tour Magazine, Issue 92 You Need Rest To Be The Best If you want to reach your peak mental performance you need to take regular breaks. Jared Tendler explains why rest is such a key factor in poker. Poker players often get caught up in their hourly win rate or their $$ […]

Who’s Afraid of the Sharks

Tweet World Poker Tour Magazine, Issue 90 In my previous articles I’ve covered the major mental games issues that may be affecting your game, including tilt, confidence and motivation. In this article I’m going to explore the largely overlooked issue of fear. The general definition of tilt assumes that it is anything that causes you […]

7 Types of Tilt

Tweet World Poker Tour Magazine, Issue 84 [Click to read PDF] God decreed the 10 commandments, Ghandi outline seven principals to a happy life and now Jared Tendler is on hand to breakdown the seven types of tilt. In last month’s article we took a common explaination of tilt, refined it and firmly rooted it […]

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