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Article: Common Learning Errors

Tweet With all these great resources available at Pokerstrategy it’s impossible not to learn, but generally poker players don’t always have a particularly organized approach when it comes to how they learn. In some instances, they’re too passive and hope that by following the lead established by other players they will get to where they […]

Learn to Multi-table

Tweet People who suggest that mass-multitablers are playing a ‘mindless’ form of poker, don’t really understand the skill behind it. The truth is that successful multi-tablers, like my good friend and Pokerstrategy coach, Dusty “Leatherass9” Schmidt, have automated an incredibly complex decision-making process. That makes Dusty, and others, look like they’re playing mindlessly, when in […]

How Damaging is Multitasking to Poker Players?

Tweet Check out this article Barry and I wrote for Last week, industry-leading psychology magazine Pyschology Today ran a series of features on the destructive role that distraction and multitasking is playing on our lives. They found that attention problems were not only greatly reducing our ability to perform, they also were a contributory […]

Achieve Your 2012 Goals

Tweet Check out this article I recently wrote for Whether it is in the form of a New Year’s resolution, or simply looking ahead to 2012, now is the time to begin setting goals for the next 12 months. The best way to do that is to think back to where your game was […]

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