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For the last six months I’ve been making videos at LearnWPT. The WPT’s learning arm captained by Nick Binger. Below you can check out a sample of one of the videos I made about decision making.

The reality is that your results in poker all come down to the decisions you make and that’s why I think it’s important that players actually work on training their decision-making process. If you find yourself making bad calls or ill-timed raises in spite of all your study and hard work, then you need to spend some time working on your decision making. Sure there could be other mental game issues, like tilt and fear, blocking that knowledge from being easily used. But strengthening your decision-making process can help you make better decisions even in the face of tilt and fear.

If you want to check out more of my videos, along with more than 100 other poker strategy episodes from Nick Binger, then check out LearnWPT. They’ll give your first month for $5. They also have a big promotion going on, where you can get 20% off their live workshops.

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