3 Week Book Writing Grind

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Belated Hanukkah, Festivus, Kwanza, & New Years everyone! The holidays are a great time of year and taken with a grain of salt the stresses that are naturally part of it don’t have to take away from the fun that can be had with the important people in your life.

I’m looking forward to spending a great weekend with some close friends, family and my girlfriends family for Jewish Christmas (chinese food and a movie – not sure which one yet, anyone see ‘The fighter‘ or ‘The King’s Speech‘ ?). It’s going to be a great chance for me to relax before I unplug for a 3 week grind to finish up the book. From Dec 26th – Jan 16th other than one day to talk with clients and another day I’m going to the dentist – getting the book read for final editing is my only focus.

The last few months I’ve happily been very busy with an influx of new clients. That’s just left much less time and energy (sessions take a lot of it) to focus on the book. So for the next 3 weeks that’s going to be my only focus, so I won’t be posting any new blogs, and won’t be on twitter, facebook, skype, and I’d prefer not to answer any questions in my forum, DTB, or cardschat, but if you have a pressing question it’s just not in my nature to turn someone away.

Until then I wish you all well!

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