Twitter Contest: Free books

I’m knocking on the door of a 1000 twitter followers and decided give away some free books to see how many I could get. I’m also getting crushed by Barry Carter. Seven weeks ago we were both around 700 when he left me in his dust. Now, even Doyle is following him! I hoping this is my chance to catch up to him.

Here’s the deal: From now until next Friday, August 26th retweet this post , this blog post, or follow me and you’re entered. Then, once I hit 1000 followers, one retweeter and one new follower will get a free copy of The Mental Game of Poker. After that, for every 100 followers I get, I’ll pick another round of winners. If you already have a copy, I’ll either refund you, or you can send it to someone else.

Photo courtesy of: eldh

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