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We are trying something new again this week for the Mental Game Podcast. One of the most popular things I have done, and has really resonated well with my audience are Ask Me Anything threads on forums like Reddit and 2+2. It’s been great for the person receiving advice to get something tailored to them, but more importantly almost all mental game issues are universal, so very often there’s something everyone can learn from them.

So we are introducing the format as a semi-regular feature on the podcast. This week we discuss:

  • Does meditation help you get in the zone?
  • How do you overcome a hatred of mistakes?
  • Are psychological studies reliable?
  • How can we prepare for high pressure situations that don’t happen often (like the final table of a poker tournament)?
  • My views on medication in psychology.

If you like the format, please let us know as we’re already planning to do it again. If you have a question just contact me at here.

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If you want to learn more about some of the themes we discussed, you can still get The Mental Game of Poker 1 or 2 for free on audiobook. If you prefer eBook or softcover, I have affordable ways for you to get copies just click here.

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