Positive Poker with Daniel Negreanu

DanielMy guest today on The Mental Game of Poker Podcast needs no introduction. Daniel Negreanu is one of the most famous and most successful poker players on the planet.

It is always interesting to delve into the mind of an elite performer, but I am particularly interested in Daniel because in recent years he has made a public commitment to self-improvement. This seemingly has had a big positive correlation with his poker results.

This is perhaps the most self-help focused podcast I have done, and we discuss:

  • His approach to learning and how he opens himself up to feedback.
  • The importance of taking personal responsibility and not falling into a victim mentality.
  • Why he is not afraid to look stupid, and how addiction to looking good and being right is what holds many people back.
  • How setting goals has been crucial to his poker success.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of positive thinking and visualization for peak performance poker.

In particular I think you will learn a lot from our discussion about positive thinking. Daniel and I have different perspectives but we still found common ground. If you’re interested in reading an article I wrote about the “Power of Pessimism” click here.

Thanks to Daniel for coming on the show and sharing his perspective. Be sure follow him on Twitter: @RealKidPoker

If you want to learn more about some of the themes we discussed, you can still get The Mental Game of Poker 1 or 2 for free on audiobook. If you prefer eBook or softcover, I have affordable ways for you to get copies just click here.

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4 Responses to “Positive Poker with Daniel Negreanu”

  1. ,,Download a Copy” link directs to another interview: Interview with Paul Ratchford.mp3

  2. My bad, a little rusty coming back from vacation. Link is fixed now.

  3. Great interview as always Jared. Any chance of getting Mr. Ivey to do one?

  4. Thanks. There’s always a chance, I’m just not sure how much of one. I certainly can try.

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