Order The Mental Game of Poker Today

After nearly two years of work, I’m excited to announce the launch of The Mental Game of Poker. To order the book, visit www.mentalgameofpoker.com. Order before April 27, and take advantage of a 20% discount.

This 242 page, soft cover book is comprehensive, while at the same time being straightforward and user friendly. It demystifies a lot of common wisdom, and gives you step-by-step instructions to produce lasting improvement in the most important mental game areas: tilt, fear, motivation, and confidence.

Poker is tougher than ever. The mental game is the next place to gain an edge. If you don’t see how much value there is to improving your mental game, just think about how much issues like tilt have cost you in the past. The book will pay for itself in no time!

On the website, you’ll find more details, including excerpts, a trailer, and stories from the nine clients featured. The first review is in…click here to read it!

The book is scheduled to complete printing the last week of April and will ship out immediately once it’s done. If you any have questions you can post them on facebook, twitter, or email me directly.

Now is the time to take your mental game head on, order The Mental Game of Poker today!

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2 Responses to “Order The Mental Game of Poker Today”

  1. Ryan J. Provenzano May 4, 2011 at 11:24 am

    I would already own a copy if it were sold on Amazon… Thank you for your participation on Cash Plays. Big fan….


  2. Cool of you to say…Why is it you only would purchase it on amazon?

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