New Years Resolutions Now

I decided earlier this week that in January I’m going to do a series of blog/articles on how to keep new years resolutions. I’d never personally been into making resolutions because I didn’t make sense to wait for the new year to improve something, but I’ve begun to appreciate the idea more.

This morning at the gym, I saw a sign that said – “Start Your New Years Resolutions Now.” There are a 100 different ways to take this advice – the gym of course was advocating getting training sessions so you wouldn’t “Look like Santa when the ball drops.” Here’s what I thought about and here’s what I’m going to do:

I’m not going to start my new years resolutions/goals for 2011 right now, but I am going to start thinking and writing about what I want to accomplish next year. Part of that is thinking about where I was this time last year, what I wanted this year, what I did/did not accomplish, the flawed beliefs/perceptions that I had at that time, what I’ve learned about myself, my career, specifics within my job, things that happened I didn’t expect (could I have), etc.

The reasoning is simply that to know what I want in 2011, I need to know better what actually happened in 2010. The biggest lesson for me was around the book. I completely underestimated what this process would require, what my actual writing skills were at the time, the degree of mastered knowledge at the time, and I’m sure a few other reasons. Very simply, I didn’t know what was required to accomplish a project of this size. I do now. In doing so I’ve gained a lot of experience/knowledge about how to achieve future goals. It’s that knowledge combined with what I learn from writing out the first paragraph stuff, that will tell me what’s realistic to accomplish in 2011, and how.

As I mentioned, there will be much more come January, but since I’m getting off to a start on this earlier than expected, I thought you might like to as well.

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