James Altucher Talks Poker

Mr. James Altucher in his hotel suite at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, Thursday, Feb 21, 2013.

Today on the Mental Game Podcast my co-author Barry Carter interviews a hero of his. James Altucher is an entrepreneur, hedge fund manager, podcaster and NY Times Bestselling author. USA Today called his book “Choose Yourself” one of the best business books of all time. He is very well known in the self-help space, but what is less well known is that he is also an avid poker player.

Barry tried, and failed, to get a copy of The Mental Game of Poker into James’s hands, only to later discover that not only had James already read it, and had even recommended it to his fanbase.

If you are unfamiliar with James, you will discover today that not only is he a brilliant business mind with a unique perspective on success and failure, he is also incredibly funny and down to earth.

In today’s show you will discover:

  • How to deal with failure and negative feedback
  • James’s history in poker, and what it taught him about life and business
  • How only when James took care of his life away from business was he able to become a success in it
  • The value of having a daily ‘idea list’

It was a real thrill to have James on the show, and in particular I was interested in hearing more about the idea list, and Barry and I discuss it in more detail at the end of the podcast. It fits well into my belief that most habits and thought processes, good or bad, are skills that can be improved. It makes perfect sense that idea generation is a muscle that can be developed.

James has so many ongoing projects that if you want to learn more about him it is probably best to visit his website first and foremost, which is updated regularly.

James was a fan of our books, and you can still get The Mental Game of Poker 1 or 2 for free on audiobook. If you prefer eBook or softcover, I have affordable ways for you to get copies just click here.

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