Interview with Jennifer Shahade

twitternewI’ve worked with elite performers in a variety of fields like poker, golf, billiards and trading. One discipline that I’ve always found fascinating is chess, for a number of reasons. First of all, when you study performance, chess comes up a lot, it is used a lot to prove points about the role of hard work vs talent. I also find chess very interesting because it is a strategic, mental game, like poker. But unlike poker, variance doesn’t play a part.

That’s why I was excited to talk with my guest today on The Mental Game of Poker Podcast. Jennifer Shahade is a poker player and ambassador for PokerStars. She is also a chess champion and author, who recently presented a TED talk about understanding decision making in chess and poker.

In the show we discuss:

  • Decision making in chess and poker, and understanding the difference between instinct and intuition
  • Tilt in both poker and chess
  • How she is promoting poker to chess players
  • How she got over the anxiety of public speaking to do her TED talk

Poker is often compared to chess but I don’t think many poker players realise how fundamentally similar they are in terms of how we make decisions. After this interview, I think you will understand how many commonalities they share.

If you want to learn more about Jennifer, check out her website, blog, and follow her on Twitter: @JenShahade

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