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ElkyThe mental game is like a muscle. If you push yourself mentally, whether it is to face your fears or develop a new skill, you can adapt and grow stronger. My guest today on the Mental Game of Poker Podcast is a true example of this.

Bertand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier is very much like my recent guest Jason Mercier. Like Mercier, he wins everything. Like Mercier he has a reputation for running well. And just like Jason Mercier, most people don’t realise how hard he works to get where he is.

ElkY is a world champion Starcraft player, a former SuperNova Elite and one of the few men to hold the Triple Crown. In today’s show we discover:

  • How he developed an incredible work ethic after living in Korea as a teenager.
  • Why the pressure of playing Starcraft professionally prepared him for the mental pressure of playing poker.
  • The importance of pushing his own personal boundaries and why fear motivates him.
  • His philosophy that if you push yourself to the limit, there is no downside to losing.

If you are at all interested in the hard work vs talent debate, ElkY is a great test case. The amount of hours he puts in, his ability to learn from his mistakes and his insistence on pushing himself past his comfort zone are all trademarks of a concept called deliberate practice – the cornerstone of becoming world class.

I urge you to listen to his advice if you are struggling with motivation or dealing with pressure at the tables.

If you want to learn more about Elky, you can follow his blog, website, or follow him on Twitter: @elkypoker

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