Interview with Chris Moneymaker

PokerPages PhotoMy next guest on the Mental Game of Poker Podcast really does not need an introduction. Without 2003 World Champion Chris Moneymaker, poker would not be the industry it is today. Not only did help spark the poker boom, he has been a tremendous ambassador for the game.

What you may not know is that he is perhaps the first poker player to put me on tilt. Find out how he out-mental gamed this mental game coach on the golf course, and much more.

In this show you’ll discover:

  • The pressures that Chris faced becoming a world champion of a game he hardly knew anything about.
  • His constant battle with staying focussed in long tournaments and when he is card dead.
  • How he has worked on dealing with bad beats.
  • Having to swallow his ego to ask other players to help him learn the game after he became a champion.
  • And yes, how he put me on tilt on the golf course.

You might learn a lot from what Chris had to say about how he dealt with bad beats. I can’t say I fully agree with some of the specific techniques he uses, but his overall strategy of really trying to understand his own tilt I completely advocate.

If you are struggling with bad beats, you can still get The Mental Game of Poker 1 and 2 for free using PokerStars FPPs and on audiobook.

If you want to learn more about Chris, you can follow his blog, website, or follow him on Twitter: @CMONEYMAKER

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