Inchworm on Betfair

Matthew Pitt, a blogger for Betfair, was so excited about the concept of the Inchworm from the book, he wrote a mini review 55 pages into it.

For those who aren’t familiar, the Inchworm concept describes how learning happens over time. Many players are out there think that it’s easy or they should be able to play their A-game every single time they sit down to play. It’s possible, but really freakin hard. The reason it’s so hard is because your A-game improve over time. As you eliminate your C-game, your eliminating things in your game that you no longer have to think about, for example, stupid mistakes that would show up everyone once in a while. Once they’re gone, they never happen because you automatically know how to play correctly in those spots.

The net effect of eliminating these mistakes from your game, is you have more mental space freed up to learn new things. Which means you A-game becomes even better than before.

To play your game consistently, means you have to consistently be playing an increasingly better A-game consistently. That’s the challenge, and why it’s so hard to always be at your best. To do it takes organization, an ability to constantly be aware of all the subtle leaks in your game, and a strong commitment to fixing those leaks day after day.

Matt describes a bit more of how Inchworm applies to him, in his post here.

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