Great email from a foul mouthed tilt monkey neanderthal

I sent out an email reminder about the book pre-sale yesterday [yes, this is a convenient way of plugging the last day of the 20% discount] and had got a funny email from someone who wasn’t sure if his order went through.

Which btw, if any of you ordered the book, and didn’t get a confirmation email, you may have gotten thrown off by a really confusing error message that said:

“Thank You! Your order has not been processed.”

This was the preloaded error message in the system! If you’re not paying close attention it’s easy to think you bought the book when you didn’t. That’s fixed now, but if anyone is unsure if you’re order went through, email me directly: and I’ll confirm it with you.

So here’s the email that I got from my new Canadian friend Colin:

Hi there,

I’m quite certain that I filled out the order form a week or two ago, but have a feeling that perhaps the order did not get processed somewhere along the line?? my computer? CC company?your order page or lost in space…??

Anyhow, can you please confirm that you either do or do not have an order from Colin [last name deleted] BC Canada? It is of the utmost importance that I have Jared’s new book … my wife demands it … so much more than a poker book, I think its safe to assume that Jared has unknowingly also produced a relationship saving masterpiece for those of us sometimes foul mouthed tilt monkey neanderthal’s that just haven’t quite grasped the keys to ending our wicked ways when suffering the inevitable beats that this game of pokerz delivers ….sigh

…MUST HAVE BOOK!! I feel so much better now that that’s out in the open.

If I have ordered great, if not please inform me so that I can continue to live in my home by ordering right away.

Much appreciated Jared and Jessica, cheers,

After actually laughing out loud, and checking the purchase orders to see that his didn’t go through, I offered him a free book. Dude could use a break.

In any event, I’m excited for more of this kind of stuff. I’ve worked so hard for nearly 2 years, it’s time to have some fun.

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