Develop Deep Focus with Cal Newport

cal-newport-medEveryone talks about wishing they had better focus, while they have one eye on Facebook on their smartphone. We live in an age of distraction and as our relationship with technology becomes symbiotic, it can come with great cost.

This week Barry speaks with Professor and Author Cal Newport. Cal is a Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University and one of the most productive researchers working today. He also is a best selling author of no less than five books, as well as having a very popular blog which helps you improve your own focus and study. Cal manages all of this, not in spite of, but because of, a dedication to avoiding distractions like email and social media.

In his new book Deep Work he talks about how to improve your focus and do difficult demanding work. Focus is not an innate skill, it is something that can be trained and improved like a muscle.

In today’s episode you will discover:

  • Why Deep Work is important and how to do more of it
  • The dangers of distraction in the digital age
  • The importance of embracing boredom
  • How this culture of distraction is harming our personal lives and relationships
  • Why greater focus leads to better retention when learning
  • How Barry doubled his reading volume overnight after reading this book

Very few of us will look back on our day and wish we had spent more time checking Facebook and Twitter. If you are trying to improve your focus or at least eliminate the distractions in your life, this is the episode for you.

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