Book and Newsletter Update

Hey everyone –

The past several weeks I ran into an unexpected bump in the book road. I had some problems with the editor that I hired, and had to spend a lot more time than expect the last two weeks to keep the book on schedule. I’m happy to say that the book is off to the designers to be turned into an actual book – shipped yesterday – and the trouble with my editor has made the content of the book a lot stronger. There are still 3-4 more revisions of the book to get done before it gets printed and will be available, but it’s moving forward and is stronger content wise than I first imagined it could be.

That’s meant, my blog, response in the forums, and other business stuff that I’ve wanted to do hasn’t happened recently. BUT, this morning I feel energized. I answered some posts on my forum and in the psych forum on 2+2, and it felt good to get back doing it. The book has been hanging over my head for so long – I can’t do anything on it for a week before it comes back – so having that off my plate has given me a boost. So if you have questions, fire away.

On top of all the other work with the book, I also ran into problems with my newsletter service. Apparently in the US, email services can’t be used for anything related to online gambling. I had a newsletter ready to be fired 3 weeks, that got shut down because it was the first one I used Poker in the headline and I’m guessing it got flagged. I know Dusty uses Constant Contact, so I’m going to give them a try and try have one out next week. For those who aren’t on the list, you can sign-up in the top right corner of this page. It’s a place where I’m going to be releasing new content first – not always – as well as putting together an easy way to read the articles I’ve written that month.

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