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With the Olympics now over I have a very fitting guest on The Mental Game Podcast, not just because he is Brazilian but also because he is arguably one of the few professional poker players whose experience of the game mirrors that of elite athletes.

Andre Akkari is a Team PokerStars Pro and WSOP Bracelet winner. He is also a megastar in his homeland of Brazil. While he is not as well known as, say, Daniel Negreanu outside of Brazil he is incredibly famous within it. How many other poker players, for example, would be asked to carry the Olympic Torch?

Andre has a following and a pressure that comes with it that most poker players don’t understand, which made for a great interview.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • What it feels like to have a small army of supporters every time you play poker
  • How he has been using meditation to improve his focus and life in general
  • What he did to improve his live game as he approached 40-years-old
  • The mental game differences he has observed in different people from all around the world
  • How he uses poker to develop in other areas of life and business
  • His experience rubbing shoulders with world famous sports people like Neymar

We had a really interesting chat about the parallels with elite poker players and elite athletes. We also had a very interesting discussion on how your cultural identity can impact your own poker game, which I touch on with some of my own thoughts after the interview.

If you are from Andre’s homeland, or from Portugal, I am happy to announce that The Mental Game of Poker is now available in Portuguese. Click here for details on where to pick up a softcover or ebook copy.


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