A New Set of Results

Excerpt from Treat Your Poker Like a Business

From Dusty’s Blog, December 15, 2009

Hi everyone,

Today’s excerpt from “Treat Your Poker Like A Business” pertains to revising your concept of success. This piece is actually written by Jared Tendler, a performance coach for both poker players and golfers. As you probably know by now, Jared has had an immense impact on my life, professionally and personally. I invited him to contribute a few chapters to the book, and he did a brilliant job. Here’s one Jared calls, “A New Set of Results.” I particularly like his line, “Removing emotion from poker is not an option.”

Being overly influenced by results can cause a roller coaster of emotion that seems perfectly aligned with your graph. Knowledge of variance isn’t enough to stop the emotional ups and downs that some say is just a fact of poker. This chaos is maddening, confounding, and downright vicious. It takes some to the brink, while others go over.

Desperate to break this cycle, players use strategies that numb, detach or desensitize them to the emotion tied to money or results.

Still, removing emotion from poker is not an option. In fact, it’s a colossal mistake that fails to consider the real problem, and may cause unforeseen and potentially long-term damage. Dusty was a master at avoiding, but the rage buried within him eventually became hard to ignore. With a growing pile of broken computer equipment in his closet, he knew something had to change or he might bust out of the game. (Read More)

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