Interview with Aaron Wilt

Today on The Mental Game Radio Show, I was joined by the excellent DeucesCracked coach Aaron “WiltOnTilt” Wilt.  Even more exciting, today was the first time listeners were able to call in live with their questions.  A few technical problems didn’t stop this show from being one of the best yet.

Aaron is well known for having a strong passion and commitment to being a coach and video producer. The topic of poker coaching has been a hot button issue in poker lately. So, among many other things, we talked at length about the importance of coaching, his initiatives to change poker education, and what students need to know to get the most out of coaching or video instruction.

When we opened the phones midway through the show, listeners lined up to ask a range of questions. Injustice tilt, anxiety, and confidence were among the many topics covered. Proving advice live on-air to listeners is a great addition to the show and I’m excited to make it part of every show.

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