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Today on The Mental Game Radio Show, I give a live on-air session to a listener of the show. Garrett is a semi pro who’s been slogging through a downswing since the start of the year. As often happens when variance wrecks havoc with your game, Garrett is losing a lot more money because of tilt, fear, and loss of confidence.

Listen in as I dissect Garrett’s mental game problems and give him a roadmap to correct them. The cause of Garrett’s problems wasn’t what he thought and it’s one that many, many poker players struggle with and don’t even realize it.

Learn the real cause of why Garrett and many of you struggle so much with downswing. Plus, this session full of these other lessons that can immediately help your game:

• How fear, motivation, and confidence problems can all be caused by tilt.
• Understand how to dissect mental game problems using the “Mental Hand History.”
• Learn why greater awareness is the FIRST sign of progress.

Every poker player experiences downswings, but not every poker player tilts because of them. Master this problem in your mental game and losing the minimum is a whole lot easier.

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Garrett’s comments after the show:

Getting the chance to speak with Jared is an incredible opportunity, he is paving the way for poker players being able to gain control over their mental game issues. Jared was able to break my mental game issues (tilt, fear, the need to control the cards) down into a level of thinking that I could not even come close to which means you can get to the core of the problem and have a better place to direct your energy so that you can improve. My AH HA moment is when he mentioned that if I become tilted from a bad beat to forget about focusing on controlling the cards of the outcome that just happened, I should focus on the one thing I can control and that is my reaction and my emotions. That is how I win!!! That gives me something to really think about and work on. Jared keep doing what you are doing, everyone seems to have different Mind Game issues however we can all related to bits and pieces of each others problems and use them to improve ourselves. Your a true innovator and very generous at spending so long speaking with me!! Much appreciated!!

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