Take Control of Tilt: Part 2

From PartyPoker’s Blog

In my previous blog I narrowed the definition of tilt to playing bad because of anger and then introduced the tilt profile as a way to better understand your own patterns of tilt. Now let’s get into how to use your tilt profile to begin taking control of tilt.

There are two strategies for controlling tilt. The first is to manage it in real time as it happens, and the other is to actually resolve the underlying cause for reason why it happens at all.

Many of you have done a lot of different things to try and manage tilt in the moment. Some of which may have worked for a while, but eventually it stops. Managing tilt is only a short-term strategy. If you want a permanent fix, you managing the problem in the short-term, while you work on resolving (or solving) the underlying cause. Otherwise it’s like using a band aid to fix a gunshot wound. [Read more]

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