Black Friday Uncertainty [Pokernews]

Mental-game coach Jared Tendler has spent the last few weeks helping poker players deal with the fear and uncertainty created by the events of Black Friday.

With the dust beginning to settle from the DOJ bomb that went off a few weeks ago, players around the world, especially in the U.S., are trying to make sense of what it means for them. For the last three-plus years since I’ve been in poker, the threat of online poker going away in the U.S. has been a fear I’ve talked about with many of my clients. Mostly, we were talking about it because it was affecting their performance at that time, but we were also planning for this possibility.

In the panic that often sets in after such a shocking announcement, it can be hard to be objective. I hope this article can help you to be better at figuring out what to do, rather than getting overwhelmed by fear, confusion, and uncertainty. [Read more]

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