Part 3: On Camera Session Wrap-up

Poker News Daily On Camera Session with Sean Gibson October 21st, 2010

This on camera session was filmed during my trip to the WSOP last summer. After recording this interview I causally offered to do a session and he said, “fine, how’s tomorrow?”

From Poker News Daily:

This video series is an exclusive insider look into a mental coaching session with well known instructor Jared Tendler, a licensed therapist. Tendler is best known for his work back at the now defunct Stoxpoker (whose archive is at, but fans of his (and for those of you in need of great mental coaching) you can now find him at

This video series has Tendler working with our own Sean Gibson, who at the taping of this session had hit a serious wall in his poker career. He had lost confidence in his game and became unmotivated to play. Tendler worked his way through these issues in the previous editions of this series.

In this conclusion, Tendler gives Gibson some “mental homework” to take with him as he moves on and absorbs everything discussed during the session. One of the most important and fundamental concepts is brought to light, as Tendler explains that improving “when we are at our worst” is one of the most important skills that a poker player can possess. [Click here to watch the session]

Sean wrote this blog post shortly after our session.

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