Part 2: On Camera Session

Poker News Daily On Camera Session with Sean Gibson October 20th, 2010

This on camera session was filmed during my trip to the WSOP last summer. After recording this interview I causally offered to do a session and he said, “fine, how’s tomorrow?”

From Poker News Daily:

Mental Coach Jared Tendler, who specializes in poker, continues his session with PND’s own Sean Gibson. Tendler is a renown therapist who works with poker players (in addition to those in golf) and gets them on the right mental track to success.

Tendler works with players to focus on issues such as mental discipline and control, poker and life balancing, increasing session lengths or the number of tables you are playing, playing your “A” game and staying in “The Zone” on a consistent basis and dealing with variance and downswings. He also can assist people with confidence, focus, anxiety issues stemming from performance or a fear of failure at higher limits and of course, all issues with the dreaded “TILT” factor.

In this second part session with Gibson, Tendler analyzes some of the reasons why Gibson’s game has gone off track. There is significant discussion about realizing why expectations are way off, which weren’t set realistically to begin with. The disconnect between expectations (or lack of setting ones) with reality and a true range of possible outcomes was a huge issue that was dealt with during this session. [Click here to watch the session]

Sean wrote this blog post shortly after our session.

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