Part 1: On Camera Session

Poker News Daily On Camera Session with Sean Gibson October 19th, 2010

This on camera session was filmed during my trip to the WSOP last summer. After recording this interview I causally offered to do a session and he said, “fine, how’s tomorrow?”

From Poker News Daily:

Jared Tendler is a licensed therapist who specializes with poker players. In this video he conducts a session with our own Sean Gibson to talk about his tilt and confidence issues with poker. Tendler’s client roster includes Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt along with many high and mid stakes professional poker players.

In this session, Tendler breaks down Gibson’s thinking and reasoning behind many of the issues he is facing (at the time of the shooting of this video). Like most poker players, Gibson was going through a rough stretch and his emotions had taken over his play. The result was decreased play, decrease enthusiasm to play and negative bankroll results.

Tendler has evolved his program over the past eight years and designs it to eliminate problems preventing players from playing their poker poker. Unlike other coaches who preach breathing exercises or basic meditation, Tendler looks at how your mind functions and “connects the dots” for your thought process to help a patient understand what is happening and then take steps to correct the issue, rather than use tools to avoid them. [Click here to watch the session]

Sean wrote this blog post shortly after our session.

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