Tilt and Magic

Mental Game of Poker co-author Barry Carter has been busy once again on his blog, which is fast becoming a a brilliant resource for poker psychology commentary. This week he discusses the role of Tilt in Magic the Gathering. Neither of us are particularly familiar with the game, other than it is fundamentally very similar to poker, but thanks to Kar Yung Tom from www.mandeprived.com we are learning a lot quickly.

Kar bought The Mental Game of Poker because he thinks the lessons in it can easily be applied to MTG and I think he is right. We are looking forward to learning even more about MTG and would love to see this open a really unexpected door for the book.

Check out Barry’s Blog Here.

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  1. If Jared wants to know anything about magic I’d be very glad to help him. He has my contact info floating around. I come from both worlds.

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