Mental Game Stories #5

As part of the Mental Game contest, I asked a handful of readers who submitted partial stories in this survey, to go into more detail about their experience with the mental game. Yesterday I posted this story from Peter, I’ll post one more tomorrow and the last one Tuesday.

Next up is Matthias:

Hey, my name is Matthias Van Landeghem, i started out playing about a little over a year now. To make a very long story short, i’ve deposited 50$ on pokerstars, and started to play and learn microstakes SNG. I almost from the start went up in Bankroll, and made a 50$ into 900$ playing a few tables a time. For me that was great and i instantly started dreaming that poker is not to hard ,-))) After turning 50$ into 900$ with no knowledge at all, i even had a handrankings card next to me ,-))) Now i say this to make it clear that its maybe not the best thing to have an easy start in poker.

Shortly after i started varying my stakes and formats, and found myself constantly being pulled down in BR as wel mentally,… was poker not so easy then??? I started looking on the internet for bad beat stories and if poker was rigged,…since i could not win so easy anymore ,-)))

Now, i will skip most part, and begin talking about my road to the mental game of poker, which is truly a golden book imo, and many other players. After being up and down for about 10.000 SNG’s, some MTT i donked and tilted in, i started looking for training sites, coaching and forums. Even though i was learning thereafter in a fast pace considering i am very determent i wanted to be a good player, i could not stop tilting every 2-3 sessions. I could still not even touch bigger field MTT’s, as i freezed up whenever i got deep, or donked in all of them, after a few bad beads in others. Whenever i made profit i was flying in the air, but after a few bad beads, i started shoving all in like a maniac. Really monkey tilt in its biggest form. I’ve broke several expensive mouses, headphones, and up to today i am suprised, and happy i never killed my laptop ,-)))

So after continuously looking for help, and having to read several anti-tilt books, that barely helped me, i found The Mental Game Of Poker. I’ve red reviews of it like i was breaking it down, since i was very skeptical about a mental game book, considering the failure of the other one’s i’ve red. But i decided to buy it. Now, although its only 3 months after i bought the book i have to say, this is the best book i could possibly ever have bought. It really made me see, what a mental game fish i was, and really helped me, to see the reality of poker and us humans, wanting to control such a hard form of sport. As i did many spor in my lfe and was always in control, poker was a different case.

From the moment the book arrived i almost felt stronger just having it. I’ve decided to really work with it, rather then reading from front to back. Which is what Jared recommends. It’s also important to say that the first week i had the book i didn’t tilt, just because i was reading it. But there’s the pitchfall like Jared said. I was merely reading it, not WORKING with it. So after a week i started to tilt back, and felt like a failure. That’s the moment i took a few days break, and started to break down the book, fill in the questionnaire, 3 times with a few days in between. And really scrolled from section to section which attracted me the most, and which had most impact on me. Since then i am reading in it almost every other day. Every session i get some feeling, if it’s tilt, loosing of my focus,… etc. I look up the most relevant part about it in the book, and read and understand why i felt that way. Also i am studiyng far more away from the tabels, before the book i didn’t had the energy or motivation to do so.

Last month i’ve made 2600$ netto without rake, playing 2 hours per day, since i have a normal job too. Something i never could have done without the help of this book. And after being breakeven almost 10.000 games i now made netto 5-6.000 $ over the last 3 months. springplank on pokerstars I have also begin playing back MTT, and i play the days i am free 100 or more SNG a day, both something i never though i would be able to do with my monkey tilt before. Through having to found such a great book, which shows you no illusions, on answers. I am surely grinding my way (between my regular job) to supernova, and higher stakes. And a big TY to Jared, he made a 50$ investment worth,…….. who knows ,-))))) Best buy i ever made and finally somebody there for whom will get better mentally, and really crush poker. So this story shows, that not only PRO’S need a book like this, an amateur regular like me, who still play low stakes, will need it even more if he wanna be successful.

Note: English is his third spoken language, and he allowed me to clean up a few spelling mistakes.

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