Mental Game Stories #2

As part of the Mental Game contest, I asked a handful of readers who submitted partial stories in this survey, to go into more detail about their experience with the mental game. Yesterday I posted this story from Garrett, and I’ll post one more each day for the next five days. This is a bit of an experiment and I hope you find it valuable.

Next up is Dale:

It was not even a month ago that I answered a survey sent out on Jared Tendler’s book ” The Mental Game of Poker” in which I wrote that because of this book “I do not seem to tilt anymore”! Well, yesterday I found myself tilting and wanting to call opponents all sorts of names, throw my mouse etc. and of course flags were going off in my head big time! Fortunately break time came and I grabbed the book well earmarked on page 94… Injustice tilt, “When you know what is fair, even if you lose, it doesn’t feel unjust”! I re-read the chapter, put things in perspective, mentally shook it off and go back to playing sound poker again!

From reading Jared Tendler’s book it is obvious to me that it needs to be included in your personal Library on great books of Poker to be read and re-read over and over! I know I go back to it often!

I want to build on something Dale realized: That she hadn’t mastered the correction to tilt. So often players fail to realize how much repetition and experience is required to permanently correct problems in the mental game. Tactically as well. The reality is that it’s possible to learn something new, like tilt control, very quickly. However, it’s impossible to master those corrections quickly. Training the correction to tilt, to the level of Unconscious Competence requires sustained effort over a long-term. Working on this part of your game occasionally won’t do that, unless the issue is very minor. Instead, make it a part of your regular routine to prepare for the possibility of tilt, even subtle tilt, so you’re ready to correct it in the moment.

Correcting tilt in the moment, in other words, being able to remain in control at times you typically would lose control, is the only way to create permanent improvement. The best way to do that is to be prepared with a strategy you know works.

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