5.2.12 – The Mental Game Radio Show

If you struggle with tilt, today’s Mental Game radio show is exactly what you need. Tilt is the biggest mental game problem in poker, and today three listeners are on the show looking for answers to their unique tilt problems.

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The first listener, Marc, logically knows that he shouldn’t expect to win every time he plays, but despite his best efforts, can’t handle losing. As it turns out, the reason he couldn’t solve his tilt was that he didn’t realize it was caused by a confidence problem. Next up, Herman and I tackle the tilt that shows up while he plays online poker – something that doesn’t happen playing live.

Some of you will remember the last listener on today’s show. On the on the Feb 15th show, I did an in-depth session with Garret Sheasgreen, who tilted badly because of losing. Since then, Garret has made solid improvement with his tilt, but as is often the case, there’s more work to be done. Hear about how he made progress and what steps he needs to take now.

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