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My brand new radio show “The Mental Game” on QuadJacks returned for week number three featuring a pre-recorded interview between Jared and Dutch poker professional and PokerStars pro Lex “Raszi” Veldhuis. Lex stresses the importance of a well-developed mental game as inseparable from the long-term poker success of himself and serious professionals like him. We analyze past incidents where a commitment to mental discipline was a crucial determinant of victory. After the end of Lex’s interview, I face my greatest challenge yet: trying to de-tilt the Woody Allen of poker himself, Agent Marco.

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Tune in each week, as I take the airwaves to help listeners strengthen this critical part of their game. My goal is to make the show fun and entertaining, while helping you to be mentally stronger at the tables. A wide range of interesting guest will be coming on, including high stakes players, clients featured in the book, and some of you. That’s right, listeners will be on the show having their mental game problems solved live-on-air.

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