Interview with Jonathan Ross

Today on The Mental Game radio show, Cardrunners coach Jonathan “Djross13” Davis joined me to talk about a range of topics including how he’s recently solved a lot of his tilt problems. Jonathan’s is a long-time tilter, who’s broken his share of computer equipment. Entitlement Tilt was the main offender, but overall his tilt problems were made worse by personal stressors. After experiencing some major personal issues this year, he’s been dedicated to improving his mental game and eliminating negative emotion. Learn how he did it.

Then our old friend and long-time listener, Benny came on the show again. Still struggling with how he handles Injustice and Entitlement Tilt from his last time on the show, we took the necessary steps today to break the issue down further and prescribe a strategy to make the significant progress he’s after.

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