Jared Tendler Session One: Learning to Learn

Lee Davy for Bluff Europe, November 2010

“I christened my poker playing mate Terry Welsh – The Run. This is not because of his ability to run the 800m faster than Steve Cram. In fact I doubt he could even manage a 20-yard sprint without his lungs capitulating. No, the legendary Terry Welsh is called The Run because of his amazing capability of always hitting the straight.

“What have you got Terry?”

“The run.” He would say nonchalantly.

Bobby Eggs always has a King in his hand and plays it as though he has the nuts even if it is K2o. Tony “The Raincloud of Doom” Thorne always plays any card with a Queen in his hand. Eddie the Ace always has an Ace…”(Read more)

On Camera Session with Sean Gibson

Poker News Daily, October 19th – 21st, 2010

My first on camera session was filmed while I was in Vegas this past summer for the WSOP Main Event. After recording this interview I causally offered to do a session and he said, “fine, how’s tomorrow?” Here’s the session that followed:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3: wrap-up

Here’s a blog post Sean wrote up shortly after our session.


Mind Over Matter

Gambling Online Magazine, August 2010

“Jared Tendler is making quite a name for himself as a gambling performance coach, notably in helping poker pros with the mental side of their game. Journalist Barry Carter, who is writing a book with Tendler, puts some key questions to him. A lot of this will ring true with most readers.” (Read More)


WPT Academy Pro-on-Pro

WTP Magazine, June 2010

“In a game where being a psychological Jedi can be the difference between winning and losing, it pays to be fully equipped with the Force when you take to the tables. Almost every major athlete in the world has used a sport psychologist in the past and with poker arguably tougher than ever, we’re now seeing more players look within themselves to gain that extra edge.” (Read more)


Mind Over Mattter, Baller Magazine Feature
June 2010

“Being good at poker takes more than a casual indifference to money and the ability to pull sick bluffs, it’s about having the right mental attitude…(Read more)”


Client Feature in Austrailia’s WestWeekend (View PDF)
June 2010

Great article about a young player, who I really enjoyed working with. He’s a smart enthusiastic guy who has a bright future in whatever he chooses to do. One small error in there about how much I charge – the extra 0 makes it sound like I charge $1500/hour, maybe one day! The total spent was also not $10,000.

Interview on Sky Poker
Originally aired April 19, 2010

Brief description:
My first TV interview! You can tell I was a little excited, and it was pretty wild to walk onto the set, the whole thing is a green screen. Dusty unfortunately was really tired having barely slept after commentating PartyPoker’s Big Game for 24hrs straight.

Part 1

Part 2

Jared Tendler Added to Poker Academy Line Up
April 9th, 2010

There’s been a last minute change to the line up at this Saturday’s Bluff Europe Poker Academy. Unfortunately, Nik Persaud can’t make it but there’s a more than adequate replacement in the form of poker mind coach Jared Tendler (MORE)

Some reviews on my talk:

DeucesCracked Member Blog
The Hendon Mob Forum Post
Player Blog
The Poker Show with Jesse May Interview
25 minutes – March 12th, 2010

Jesse does a great interview that was as enjoyable for me as I hope it is for you. (Listen)

Interview with Jeremiah Smith
45 minutes – March 8th, 2010

We talk at length about the psychology behind tilt and how to respond. This show has gotten a great response from listeners and has already helped Jeremiah prevent tilt! (Listen)

——————————————————————————————————————————————— Announces Addition Of Renowned Performance Coach
Poker Training Site Grows Again As Jared Tendler Joins Roster To Captain SuperNova Elite Program

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — February 22, 2010 — Emerging poker training site announced today it has added renowned performance coach Jared Tendler to its roster of instructors. Tendler, who previously taught at before resigning last month, will focus on launching a program designed to propel members to Poker Stars’ Supernova and SuperNova Elite status. (MORE)

Poker Coach Jared Tendler Improves Your Bottom Line by Getting Your Head on Straight
by Barry Carter, January 2010

The very suggestion that poker was a sport ten years ago would have been laughed at, even by professional poker players. But we have come a long way since the poker boom and there are a lot of convincing arguments for poker as a sport. One of the strongest arguments comes, not from the poker community, but from the outside looking in – the world of sports psychology. (MORE)


Poker and Sports Psychology Part 1
Barry Carter, UK Pokernews, September 11, 2009

If I had told any of my friends and family that I was seeking the advice of a sports psychology expert, I think I would have been laughed at way into 2010. I am about as far removed from an athlete as it gets and I need a sports….anything about as much as I need a talent agent, a body guard or a stunt double…(MORE)

Poker and Sports Psychology Part 2
Barry Carter, UK Pokernews, September 19, 2009

A few weeks in with my sessions with Jared Tendler and I am a new man, it’s as if he had cured me of all my issues overnight. As soon as I got into the habit of talking about my risk aversion it seems to have disappeared…(MORE)

Poker and Sports Psychology Part 3
Barry Carter, UK Pokernews, September 26, 2009

Last time mental game coach Jared Tendler blew my mind by telling me that for the last few years I have been chasing something I didn’t necessarily want as a poker player, that I only really yearned for a big tournament win because I reported on so many tournaments, I thought that’s what I wanted. So now it was time to decide what I did want…(MORE)

Poker and Sports Psychology Part 4
Barry Carter, UK Pokernews, October 3, 2009

Although I was by no means crushing the games I was in, life was feeling really good under the guidance of mental game coach Jared Tendler. I was making small incremental improvements to my game each and every day and felt like I was working towards something big. My crippling fear of taking risks was completely gone…(MORE)

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