If you’re an online player with a nasty tilt problem, consider using Tilt Breaker. It’s a software add-on that can help you stay in control, when your emotions make that nearly impossible.

Ideally, you’ll use Tilt Breaker along with The Mental Game of Poker because Tilt Breaker alone cannot permanently solve your tilt problem. However, it does help to contain your tilt problem while you’re working to solve the underlying cause of it and that’s why I recommend it.

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Tilt Breaker is a session management tool designed to prevent unnecessary losses due to tilt and fatigue, and to keep you within the boundaries of your best game. Tilt Breaker identifies the thresholds where you historically start losing, and ends your session when you reach those critical points by utilizing a variety of Stop Loss and Bankroll Management features. Tilt Breaker brings out your best by minimizing your worst!

“I have struggled with many forms of tilt over the years. I now use Tilt Breaker to make sure the volume I am putting in is good volume, not tilt volume.The software has paid for itself many times over already.” 

– Kevin “Wizard of Ahhs” Thurman, PokerStars Team Online Pro

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