Spanish Book Review

The Mental Game of Poker received it’s first review that I couldn’t understand without the magical help of google translate. My Spanish isn’t nearly as good as it was 15 years ago!

It was written by Luciano, aka FingerTilt, who’s a HU coach on from Argentina and you can read the review here. Or maybe you can’t unless you view it in Chrome and click translate…I couldn’t.

Luciano was so excited by what he read in the first few chapters that he wanted to write a review! It’s been really great/rewarding/validating for me to see players getting excited about the book in that way. Barry and I, put a lot of work into the book and see the strong positive feedback so far is awesome. As I said in my post announcing the release, this is by far my biggest accomplishment professionally, and the response it’s getting is make it feel like an even bigger one.

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