Mental Game Story #8

A client was inspired by the stories running this past week on my blog and decided to write his own story. It’s a really honest look at the issues that brought him to seek coaching (poor work ethic, handling running bad, & confidence) and what he’s working on to improve them. Enjoy!

My name is Matteo, my story is pretty common and I don’t wanna dig into that because you doesn’t care too much about it, instead I want to talk you about my experience with Jared and his book.

First of all, I contacted Jared when I was running really badly, I lost a ton of money and obviously, I also lost confidence… really common you may say, and that’s true, but the really interesting thing is that, facing these problems helps me to realize who much mental leak I had (and I have); I’m not talking only about poker but also in life in general. I worked with Jared, he was inspiring and his techniques really works, of course he’s not a magician, so don’t expect some shady tricks… he helps you to understand why you have problems, why your logic is faulty, but is up to you to get moving. I had, and I have several issues, but the hardest to fix is my poor work ethic.

A few months ago, I wasted a lot of time in front of my computer, really you can’t understand how much time I wasted, and I am a little ashamed about that… as I worked day after day I recognize small improvements and right now I can say I’m very different from what I were when I started. Jared show me the way to fix this issue, which was a complicated one because it is composed by a ton of different other small issues. I started with a journal, which isn’t a standard one, I’m not writing day after day what I did, instead, I’m using and spreadsheet that allows me to track carefully what I’m doing throughout the day. In the journal I have the day divided in 30minutes, and every 30 minutes I fill a cell with a color; for example purple is wasted time, green depict when I play etc. I have to be fair, the first time I tried to track down my activities I wasn’t so excited, but what I done is change my habits. Another thing I improved was my efficiency in general, right now I have another tab within the previous spreadsheet that contains all my ideas. Any time I have an idea, I write down there and review it later, then I think about how can I implement it into my plan. All people have ideas, what I think they are failing at is organize them, so the ideas remain… well, just ideas.

What about my feelings? When I started I was depressed for various reasons, poker was the main issues but also my family affects me as well as the environment where I’m living. I’ve lost the passion for the game, I didn’t wanna go out with friends, I was getting fat; overall I felt really bad. Right now, even if I gotta improve in other areas, I’m feeling different. First of all, I’m feeling confident, I’m willing to work on my game, I want to build muscles, I’m enjoy living… it’s wonderful.

I have a blog too, well… I don’t know whether I can name it a blog, because it is private… it is more a diary than a blog. Any time that I want to vent my feelings, or I want to write down my progress I write in there. It is really helpful, and if you are taking it seriously it will because a timeline, which could be review in the future. You could see your progress, compare how you felt and how you are feeling right now and so on. You may talk with friends or parents instead write a blog, this is right, but a diary is a document, something you can read it later. Also, probably, we have less real friends that we think we have, and I mean friends that are able to understand and help you properly, and this also true with parents.

Talking a bit about my parents, they didn’t help me much throughout my life, they have a strange view of the world, which is totally wrong, because of that they never support me. I’d really liked their support, that was something could help me a lot in all areas of my life, but I didn’t have it. When I started with Jared I felt that lack of support, right now I changed completely my mind and I’m supporting myself without any parent’s help. When you are strugglin’ with your mind and your mental problems, you will ask yourself many questions, and that’s exactly what I did. Now I don’t feel anymore that lack, and it is due to my work and Jared’s help.

I will continue working for sure, there is, and always be a lot of room for improvements… I can say this because I can notice the huge improvements I made, and how my mind changed. With this mentality I can achieve my goals

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