Mental Game Stories #6

As part of the Mental Game contest, I asked a handful of readers who submitted partial stories in this survey, to go into more detail about their experience with the mental game. Yesterday I posted this story from Matthias, and I’ll post the final one tomorrow.

Next up is StaticMoth ( poster):

I believe your book will genuinely change my life – It already has …

It has given me the tools to make rapid improvements in my mental game and the first time I got to witness the magic at work was when during a negative variance heavy session, I felt the frustration beginning to build up. Instead of my usual responses, I instasnapped out of it and got excited instead. It felt really weird and super awesome that I was able to get excited in that spot and see the opportunity in noticing what situations and thoughts made me feel this way and trying to figure out why. Fascinated and stunned like a little kid on christmas by the very real option of dissecting my mindset and study it piece-by-piece like a strategy concept/data.

I was indeed rapidly improving right from the get-go, but ended up feeling lost and not knowing how to continue and what to do exactly as I read the entire book, from cover to cover and felt like I had basically every single possible mindset issue you had described. But luckily, another little key ingredient lit up in my brain and made me realise that I had just done the same mistake as I have with my technical poker game.

“The know too much, mastered too little“

Off the table, when I’m talking about poker or mindset with my poker buddies – they often cannot understand, how is it that I’m still playing at the microstakes, not NL1000 and still having mindset issues when my theoretical understanding of the game and how to approach the game mentally seems to be really sound and strong. It’s a combination of the “know too much, mastered too little“, the huge gap in the range of my inchworm and to top it all off – the tilt that brings out all of those gaping holes in my game during play that NEVER shows up off the table.

Which is the reason that I’m “so good” off the felt, but still stuck playing for cents and pennies in the “real world.”

This is my story in a nutshell and whether I win the free coaching with you or not, I have no doubt that this book will help me completely turn my life around in a profound way and is hands down, by far the best/most useful book I’ve ever bought.

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2 Responses to “Mental Game Stories #6”

  1. Great story, two things that you said I totally agree with… The exciting feeling you get when you stop yourself in mid tilt and see the progress is great. and the comment know to much mastered to little really just made me think!! Great story!


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