Kindle Highlights

There is an amazing feature through Amazon Kindle that shows the sections of the book readers have highlighted most. Interesting way to see which sections have stuck out most. Check them out, maybe there are sections you’ve missed or glossed over.

Here are the top 3:

“When the emotional system becomes overactive, it shuts down higher brain functions.”
Highlighted by 31 Kindle users

“Look closely at tough decisions to see how you played them. Estimate how much variance influenced results. Calculate whether you accomplished the qualitative goals you set before the session. If you fell short, why? Review how you did in the areas you’re trying to improve (poker strategy and mental game). Did you see any progress? If you’re going to analyze hands later, write some game flow notes or thoughts about them that you may otherwise forget.”
Highlighted by 28 Kindle users

“You must stay focused on learning the correction to your weaknesses until it is trained to the level of Unconscious Competence—especially after your A-game improves.”
Highlighted by 26 Kindle users

Click here to read the others.

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