Interview with a Skeptic

To say that Tony “TiKay” Kendal from Skypoker is skeptical of my work is an understatement. He’s not the kind of guy who is going to come to me for coaching. He thinks anyone who needs help from me would do as well with a smack to the face. Needless to say I needed to be on my A-game to make him see value in the mental game.

Personally, I like skepticism. Over the years, it’s forced me to get better at explaining the value of my work and the mental game. Ultimately, that’s allowed me to better understand it’s value, and thus, helped me improve as a coach.

I think there’s a time and place to ignore skeptics, but if you do so exclusively, as many people suggest you to do, I think ultimately everyone loses. You lose the ability to learn, and the other person loses the ability to learn something from you. It’s not always easy to face criticism, or skepticism, but it’s a hell of a lot easier to embrace it, understand their perspective, and figure out ways to convince them of your point.

It’s really just like poker.

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