Make Constant Improvement

If you’re not improving, you’re falling behind. If you’re falling behind, winrate/ROI drops, variance increases, and you risk becoming just another player complaining about bad variance who really should be complaining about the state of their game.

I know you’re committed to improving, I wonder just how committed you are to doing it.

Is improving your game a habit that you do constantly? How effective are you at it?

These are questions you need to be asking yourself. If the answers aren’t, 1) yes, and 2) very effective, then learning to learn, or learning how to improve is a skill that you need to, well, learn.

As it turns out, playing poker is one the best ways to learn. Recent research has proven that taking tests help you to learn. The exams we took in school weren’t just to determine how much we knew, they also helped cement that knowledge.

Playing poker is a test. Every time you take that test, you need to be ready to prove that you know more than the last time you took it. How you do that, is of course easier said than done. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Assess the full range of your game, from your A-game to your very worst. Then, you can read articles, watch videos, post hands, and get coaching while already knowing what you need to improve in your game. You may not know what you need to know, but this at least makes you more active and efficient with your learning.
  • Develop a proven warm-up that clears your mind of outside distractions and readies you to play your best.
  • On days that are super hard, for any reason – ex. tilt, bad variance, fear, tired – make sure that you avoid making your worst tactical or mental mistakes. Period.
  • Rest. Yes, rest is productive for many reasons. An important one is that you need rest in order to train skills to the level of Unconscious Competence.

If you have other ideas, please post a comment below. Learning each others’ “best practices” on how to constantly improve is a great way to make it easier.

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