Handling Bad Beats

Some players can handle bad beats better than others. Some are highly skilled complainers and tell stories constantly, even though they know full well that no one else gives a shit. George is one of those people…until today.

I held a contest on the Blonde Poker forum a few weeks ago, giving the poster who most needed mental game help a session and a copy of my book. George was a popular pick there since his complaining is has become quite legendary around the Blonde forum. So today, we had a session, and George was good enough to allow me to record it so he wouldn’t be the only one who could get help with this problem.

Complaining about bad beats, isn’t just a problem to the people who are subjected to listening to them. Constantly complaining about things that are part of the game, actually hurts your ability to consistently play your best game. As you’ll hear, George’s decision making is often affected by thoughts like, “I know he has Aces” when dealt KK. Thoughts like that aren’t based on pure tactics, it’s based on pure assumption that somehow he’ll get screwed out of winning.

Listen in on our session, and take some advice for yourself, as I help him break through this problem and make life better for his friends and family…perhaps him too.

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3 Responses to “Handling Bad Beats”

  1. Very helping, cheers.

  2. This episode was awesome, thank you

  3. That’s great. Happy to help man.

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