SuperNova Elite Client Session: Motivation and Volume

About three months ago, Barry had me contact a friend of his in the UK who was looking for some help making SuperNova Elite. James Atkin is a guy who is really easy to like, and after talking with him briefly, I agreed to do some sessions with him.

This is actually the prequel to thelast session that I released a few weeks ago. This one was recorded on March 3rd. While the specifics strategies that we talked aren’t as relevant for James now, after Black Friday derailed SNE a bit, our conversation still has a ton of good practical advice for improving motivation, increasing volume, and setting solid goals.

What do you think? Was it helpful?

Also, check out James’s blog. He just wrote a new post about this session after listening to it again.


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7 Responses to “SuperNova Elite Client Session: Motivation and Volume”

  1. So wait, this session came before the other one with Atkin? I haven’t had a chance to listen to the the other one – should I listen to this one first?

  2. Sorry for confusion, the releases were a bit out of order. If you haven’t listened to the second one, definitely start here. I just added a link to the second in this blog now. Enjoy!

  3. So what is the correct order we should listen to? 2, 1, 3, 4, ,5 ?

  4. In this blog, listen to the 5 in order. What I was referring to in my last comment was the 2 session with James that was posted a few weeks ago. I posted our second session before this first session. That’s what was out of order, not the order of the parts.

  5. Yeah, listen to 1-5 on this page in order and likewise the same on the other blog, IMO both sessions can be listened to independent of each other

  6. Nathan Dempsey June 1, 2011 at 7:14 pm

    I really like this. Lots of laughs, and really interesting/practical. Great job Jared.

  7. Thanks Nathan – good to hear. Knowing how much you and others are getting out of it makes the decision to do more of them easy.

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